Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tuesday 26th October 2021 update

 Hello everyone, this is Josue Elias Mejia

Things have been good in the Hotels and Resorts, but the tours were not doing as good, untill now, things are starting to pick back up in Roatan for tour I think..


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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Happy birthday Ashley! Today, Sunday 16th February 2020.

Happy birthday Ashley

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You make ordinary moments extraordinary. It’s an opportunity to let you know how special you are to me. Happy Birthday!

Time is flying so fast, Ashley is already 14 years of age, friends, neighbors Rosa and her sister prepared the surprise.

Ashley in West End Village
Happy birthday, this is me reminding you of how awesome and amazing you totally are, dear.

Happy birthday Ashley Mejia
Posted by Ana Mejia Calero on Sunday, February 16, 2020

Rosa had a very nice birthday cake for Ashley.

Karen Mejia, Elias's Aunt, The wife of Ernest Stanley Roatan Tours

My Aunt Karen came to the party; Karen is the wife of Ernest Stanley from Stanley Roatan Tours. In the picture

Ashley going out with the family, visited West End Village, she is usually very busy with homework but we have to escape every now and then.

16 de febrero del 2020 gracias Dios por todo
Posted by Ana Mejia Calero on Sunday, February 16, 2020

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Rosivel (neighbor), Rosa and Rosivel, Genova and Ashley holding Sloths, Ashley’s friends at her birthday party.

Posted by Ana Mejia Calero on Saturday, February 15, 2020

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16 de febrero del 2020 gracias Dios por todo
Posted by Ana Mejia Calero on Sunday, February 16, 2020

Picture #3  Ashley holding the sloths, their school Bay Islands International School planned a trip the Mayan Jungle, they did the Canopy and the tour with the animals, get to see monkeys and Sloths, will write about their trip and link it to this blog soon.

We have to prepare ourselves for Next year around this time for Ashley’s 15th birthday!!

Please share.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Honduras Education According to Josue Elias Mejia Santos

Honduras Education:

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  3. Childhood of Josue Elias Mejia

I can only tell education level in the country from the education that I got in school, can’t say much about Honduras education, so here goes my life preparation story.

I went to 1st and 2nd grade in Tegucigalpa when I was 7 years old.

Started 3rd grade in Teupasenti, my parents moved me to Roatan so continued and finished 3rd and 4th grade in West End village, Roatan.

Josue Elias Mejia ages 6, 9 and 18 years old - Let's Go Roatan Tours
Josue Elias Mejia before School, Elias at age 9 years and Elias at age 18 years in the Honduran NAVY 2003.

Ages 9 and 10, I was selling hats with my father; I had saved enough money to buy my own BMX Bike!

When I was about to go to 5th grade in the public school, Kriss Holtz from Tajo California but living in Roatan and running South Winds Real State in West End Village, she notice how my father Sabas was raising me the only way he knew, kind of aggressive beatings, felted it in her heart to sponsor me in a Bilingual School, the best education and the most expensive in Roatan at that time.

At the school they had me do a Grammar English test to check my spelling and I failed the test in very easy words, the school can only take me as a 3rd grade student, Kriss Holtz  seemed to be a little annoyed at the way the school handled the citations and that there seemed to be a bit of racism because I was a Hispanic boy, but what had to happen happened, I missed spellings some English words, English was to me, a new language at that time!

Between these times I meet another couple that was influencers in my life, Genie Johnson & Tom Johnson if you ever would like to send a package to Roatan, you can use their mailing address and I will get it. (Will write a blog about this).

Finished 3rd grade at one of the most respected schools in Roatan, Kriss Holtz had business challenges that had to leave the island and find me other sponsors, Mr. Raymond Lopez & Mss. Michelle Lopez.

Waves of Art Gallery

(At that age 1998, Hurricane Mitch hit Roatan and I felt safe with Ray & Michelle at a very strong shelter, from up there in West End I could see my father at the distance walking in the middle of the hurricane, apparently hurricanes here are nothing more than a lot of rain.)

Like every teen ager, I had rules I had to follow, for some reason in life I was failing to follow directions, so did not make it to the Private School 5th grade.

Went selling hat on the beach along my father, went working for companies, find out life was not that easy, tried night schooling from 6 to 9, was going to sleep about 11pm and tired from work I can only make it 7 months on the year and left school, drop out of school.

Age of 14 close to 15, I had saved enough to buy my own Mountain Bike, size 26 wheel Bike and enough for a Trip To Go Visit my grandparents in Teupasenti, the main land, South of Honduras.

At that Time I see my wife Ana Rosa Calero for the first time at age of 16 years old, we didn’t have together yet buy I cried as leaving Teupasenti when I run out of money to stay there longer.

Age of 17 (year 2002) my mother asked Antonio Mathias from Anthony’s Key Resort to help me get at job at the very reputable dive resort and he trained me as a Scuba Diver (Under Water Videographer).

Age 18, I joined the Honduran NAVY in the main land and was visiting my grandparents, start seeing my wife Ana Rosa Calero again and after many months we decided to get together and had Ashley Mejia as a wish from Rosa’s father.

Continued Night School being with my wife Ana Rosa Calero

Her story is very similar with the education except that she actually finished her primary school that at that time was till 6th grade, but Rosa got a sponsorship to finish her secondary school as an adult thought Tia Laird (Thank you Tia).

Rosa finished her 12th grade and I finally also finished my 12th grade as an adult when I was working for Gumbalimba Park.

Ashley Mejia is been fortunate to be sponsored at the Bay Island Academy since the school foundation, previously called Sandy Bay Alternative School, Ashley has been there since kinder garden, Thank to:

  1. Henry & Frances Zittower through Living Water 4 Roatan and Personal Donations
  2. Elba Rosa who knew Don & Martha from IOWA.

If you have made to the end, now you know my education level so I have good excuse if I'm making mistakes all over the places. LOL. πŸ˜‡

Puclic school hours are from:

7:00am till 11:45am
12:00m till 5:00pm
6:00pm till 9:00pm

Hope you like this story

Please share.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Childhood Josue Elias Mejia Santos Life growing process

Once you're a kind, then you're an adult

Josue Elias Mejia Santos Story on how did i get to Roatan and was raised in this beautiful island.

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  1. Rosa's sister visiting Roatan. Read more!
  2. Double Booking The Same Date, NEW!

When i was 6 years old my grand father (guy with the hat) had 27 cows, my job was to take them up the hill to be pasture and bring them every evening to be milked very early next day and so on this was my life until my father the guy in the middle 

( in the picture on the left is my grand father, my father Sabas Alonso Mejia Torres, my mother maria, my grand mother Atanacia (NACHA now 85 years) my brother Jose Samuel Mejia Maradiaga, twin sisters, Lilian & Liliana and my brother Jeremias, the smallest and naked 😁 )

Things change for our lives when my father got a job as a watchman in Roatan year 1993 

A year later when I was 8 almost 9 years of age, my father brought me for been the oldest to Roatan, had me helping selling hat among other art products on West End Villages where I would meet people from all over the word and this is how I learn English and made me who I am today.

People teaches children, I was thought how to save money and Save enough to buy my own BMX-Bike when I was 10 years old.

( in the picture on the right it's me Elias with red pants, my grand mother Atanacia (NACHA now 85 years) holding my jongest brother Juan Joel Mejia Santos in her arms, my brother Jose Samuel Mejia Maradiaga blue pants, twin sisters, Lilian & Liliana and my brother Jeremias is between me and Samuel  πŸ˜ )

We're from a town called Teupansenti where there farm Beans, Corn, Plantain, Sugar Cain and Coffee beans. Read more

For those who know me would understand that it was a big change coming to my home town to Roatan with all different languages and culture shock, good thing I was at the right age. I've been living in Roatan and been seeing the island development every since then.

When I was a child, for me to have met Kriss Holtz it was one of the most appreciated moments. From it I learned many things, English, American culture, introduction to computers. Christopher Muller and I would play Desent with a DOS-OS app (A 1995 DOS game | Desent YouTube Video) those games can develop some brains😍, and from a distance, because I was a kid, see "the business world" to read more about this, click here!

MS-DOSWindows 95

Ana Rosa Calero in Teupasenti, El Paraiso, Honduras C.A.
Rosa is even on a picture taken long time ago (2004) in Teupasenti, wanna see it! click here

Rosa getting married to Josue Elias Mejia year 2006
Rosa year 2006

Link to very old website, year 2005

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I'm tired of writing for today, will continue the story of

1. Selling hats at age of 13
2. Learning how to play guitar in Teupasenti at age of 15
3. Working at Roatan Anthony's Key Resort (Underwater Videographer with dolphins)
4. Joining the Honduras NAVy (Army)

meeting Rosa
working at a computer store, getting married,
working with Living Water 4 Roatan, the beggining of Let's go roatan tours idea,
working at Gumbalimba Park
Starting continue pushing Let's Go Roatan Tours 2016 |  Tour Company

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  → I like working online so I've done lots of pages → 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 

But I'm going all of this myself, so I'm not a pro, but 

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